Co-Working Space

A single work space in Danes suite, our co-working Space, is a cost effective way of having an office in a great location.

Benefits include:

  • Prestigious business address for letterheads, business cards, website
  • Dedicated local phone number
  • Personalized call handling
  • Mail Handling service
  • Easy access to Conference room
  • High Speed Internet/Wi-Fi
  • Access to business equipment such as copiers and printers
  • Professional Reception service to uphold your Business image and welcome all your guests
  • Complimentary Beverage
  • 24 hour Security
  • Administrative Support for comfort and efficiency
  • Constant power supply

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Why Choose Us

High Speed Internet

With our Internet services, you don't have to worry about delay in getting your correspondences.

Dedicated local phone number

With our dedicated local phone numbers, nobody will ever thought you are operating a virtue office.

Prestigious business address

Situated in a prestige environs, your business automatically has prestigious business address.

Mail Handling service

We are able to manage your mails and ensure you never miss out mails that matter most.

Constant power supply

Our standby generator is position to ensure your business services is not interrupted due to power failure.

Complimentary Beverage

A refreshed mind produce more, and that's why we compliment your activities with beverage.

24 hour Security

Your safety is our concern, and that's we are situated in an environs that's well secured by the necessary security agent.

Personalized call handling

With our standby personnel, you experienced personalized call handling services.

Administrative Support

We are able to render administrative support to ease your daily routine.